• Woof
    I have a best friend, but for a while now it has felt like we have grown apart. I am not interested in the things she's into, the people she hangs around with or even what she considers important in life. It's like we are such different people now. She's my oldest friend, but it's like we don't have anything in common anymore. It seems a shame for our friendship to end, but I feel like I'm hanging on for the sake of what we had when we were younger. It's been frustrating speaking to her lately too. She has always got to be right! I'm quite fed up if I'm honest. What should I do?
  • 1234
    I tend to find that friendships change as you go through life. It's logical if you think about it because unless you stay the same, your interests etc change so you meet new people who you have more in common with.
  • Walrus
    I'd probably let things be. There's no point in forcing something that's not there anymore.
  • Brown
    I don't necessarily think your friendship has to end (unless it's unbearable of course, but only you know that). It might just become a friendship where you catch up a couple of times a year for example. Maybe your friend feels the same way you do, so a chat might be worthwhile. It might be good to think about what you do get from your friendship too. It sounds like your friend is still making the effort to contact you, so there might be other positive things about your friendship that are not that obvious right now. Maybe look at the pros and cons and see which outweighs the other?
  • Kez
    I think friendships have a natural ebb and flow to them, especially if you have been friends for years. As you are both different people expanding and growing within your own lives, there will be times when you challenge each other, but that can be a positive thing.
    Nothing has to be finalised or ended, appreciate and focus on all the good things about your friend and let it evolve naturally, you may find you become closer again after a bit of space and may discover a new found appreciation for each other.
  • Kingprawn
    I would probably tell her how I feel if I were you. Or find new stuff to do together that you might enjoy to re-ignite the friendship?
  • Dora
    You might find that she feels the same and your friendship just peters out naturally.
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